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Tick tock. Time's up, Doctor.

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—Me llamó Marina… Está embarazada, lo va a tener.

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once upon a time meme: part deux
↳ four brotps [4/4]  emma + henry

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Very old and very kind and the very, very last

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 I always felt Will would be a very difficult character to portray on screen, if you didn’t have those sequences and also if you don’t see him at home with his dogs. The two give a full balance of who he is, that he has something he holds very dear to him, which is really quite loveable and heart breaking. Will is so lonely and protects himself with his fishing rods and his dogs and his whiskey and his little house. Then he goes to work and has to deal with these absolutely horrific situations. - Hugh Dancy

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Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone/The Impossible Astronaut

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